Pest Control FAQs

Pest Control FAQs

To answer your pest control questions, we’ve compiled this list of exterminator FAQs. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call me at 508-947-2510.

Can I spray and get rid of my pest problem?

bug sprayInexperienced applications of over-the-counter products are usually ineffective and can also be unsafe for pets, children and adults if used improperly. Also, most pests return unless you take steps to prevent them. New infestations can develop in as little as 60 days.

The only effective way to eliminate and prevent new infestations is to use a reputable pest prevention company with an ironclad guarantee … like we offer at Lighthouse Animal and Pest Control.

Why should I hire a pest control professional?

By the time you make the decision to look into pest control services, you have most likely tried it yourself  professional exterminator and found that most pests are relentless. Over-the-counter treatments can kill some pests but are not as effective at providing continuous prevention from re-infestation. Most homeowners also lack the time and expertise to handle specific pest situations that are encountered in and around the home or office.

Lighthouse Animal and Pest Control is trained in the safe handling and proper application of pest treatments. Our years of experience are augmented by being continuously educated on the changes in the industry.

Is this safe for my family and pets?

EPA ApprovedLighthouse Animal and Pest Controls’ first priority is the safety of our customers, as well as being good stewards of the environment. We take the time to develop a customized pest control program and use strategic targeting, which enables us to use the least amount of pest control product while providing superior results. All materials are EPA approved and we are trained in the safe handling and application of all materials.

Do I have to leave my home when you provide service?

In most situations it will not be necessary to leave your home, but we will ask you to leave the immediate area where we are working. Utmost care is used in application and choice of pest control products. If it becomes necessary for you to be out of your home during a treatment, this will be arranged in advance for your convenience.

How soon before we can expect results?

You will see a noticeable reduction in pest activity within one to two days. Depending on the pest and the choice of materials necessary to give the best long term results, it is not unusual to notice a gradual reduction up to 14 days.

If you notice pest activity after 14 days, please call us to set up a free follow-up service. Our goal is your total satisfaction!

Why should I consider Lighthouse Animal and Pest Control for my pest control needs?

Pest Control
Lighthouse Animal and Pest Control is locally owned and has been a leader in the pest control industry since 1996. Our goal is to provide excellent service at reasonable and affordable rates. Become one of hundreds of satisfied customers by calling us today!

Why are these pests in my home?

Actually, you are living in their neighborhood. They were there before your neighborhood existed, or they were inadvertantly transported and placed in your neighborhood. They like your home because your house provides them with the same essentials that we need, such as food, water and a place to live.

What is the difference between an ant and a termite?

Because ants and termites can look so alike, the best way to tell the difference is to have a trained pest control expert come to your home to identify the pest.

There are 3 telltale signs:

  • ·         Ants have elbowed antennas — termite antennas are straight
  • ·         Ants have a pinched waist — termites appear to have no waist
  • ·         Ants have 4 wings; the front 2 are longer than the rear 2 and appear to have veins.
  • ·         Termites’ 4 wings are all equal length and appear to be translucent

If I only see a few insects should I be concerned?

It depends on the specific pests. Some pests can sting and/or bite. For certain people, these bites and stings can be more than just uncomfortable — they can be life threatening.

Fleas, ticks,  and mice, just to name a few more, can also cause real health concerns. If you have seen any of these pests, please call us.

What are some signs that I have a pest infestation?

The obvious signs of an infestation would be the insects themselves, but sometimes their evidence is more subtle, like fine saw dust or droppings.

When the signs of infestation aren’t obvious, accurate inspection and identification requires an experienced professional. We will design a customized pest control plan around your specific needs and guarantee your satisfaction.

Did you know …

Rats have kidneys and mice don’t, so we go after them differently …

A mouse can fit through a hole 1/4 inch in diameter! (Click here for a link to this information)

A rat can fit through a hole the size of a dime!!!
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